Who Are You Guys?

We're the host. You're the star.

That's not just a tag line, it's a mission statement. This phrase has guided everything about us since we first started. We know our customers are our most important asset, and we go out of our way to treat them as such.

Located in beautiful Portland, Oregon, Ricochet has been slinging 0's & 1's since 2005. We're a passionate web hosting provider that serves both businesses and individuals. We are dedicated to bringing speed and rock-solid reliability at an affordable price to our clients.

Why Should You Choose Us?

We're no stranger to the fact that there are an endless amount of hosting alternatives available these days. Our goal isn't to gain customers with mammoth plans priced like value meals. We don't want to be the biggest, we just want to be the best - for you, and for your business. That means offering premium hosting services, user friendly tools and fast, reliable support.

Ricochet Web Hosting